About us

Our company was established in 2013 in Athens, our aim is to provide you with the best  and quickest service with the many years of experience we have in the field of spare parts. We have spare parts for all types of vehicles, passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses. We have a huge range of spare parts for cars,vans,  trucks and buses such as turbo, intercoolers, refrigerators, wide range of pumps, clutch discs, suspensions, brakes, filters, lubricants and many more at unbeatable prices and quality !!! Direct coverage on most aftermarket models.
We have special tools for workshops as well as diagnostic systems for all kinds of vehicles and brands. Visit our e-shop , with the huge range of spare parts that we offer you in all the brands of the market.

At our e-shop you will find special offers on many of our products.

For anything you can't find in our 
e-shop, do not hesitate to contact us.